I’m a self proclaimed HGTV addict. For as little TV as I watch, I will tune into any home improvement, decorating or DIY show. Even with this vice, I have never grasped on to any of Martha Stewart’s shows. While I envy her for her organizational tendencies, I just don’t have her same style preferences. I lean towards a more eclectic, rustic look and it simply doesn’t fit into her mold most of the time. Her shows have also always made me feel like was being talked at by a pretentious party hostess from 1992. Hey look at me, I can work away from home, keep my house clean, make great food and NEVER air my dirty laundry, both literally and figuratively.  I’ve always quickly changed the channel thinking, I’d love to see what that chick really does when the cameras stop rolling. It would make for so much better entertainment.

I’m late to the game on this one, but a month or so ago many well-known bloggers were posting about Martha’s laughable and berating comments in an interview with Bloomberg News wherein she stated that bloggers, “are not the experts.”  Taken at face value, she might be right. Most bloggers out there are not in fact ‘trained editors of Vogue magazine’ or certifiable culinary geniuses.  Although I do have to disagree with her when she accused their recipes of not being tested. What does she think happens after people read their posts? I have been on the testing end of many recipes I’ve found on the internet, and while some have been major fails, that is how I know that I will never use that particular recipe again.  That said, I’ve had the same experience with a couple recipes out of my Betty Crocker cookbook, and let’s just say that I don’t blame Betty for it.

What was so funny about Martha’s interview was that it seemed to infer that every blogger out there who writes about some random craft they created, room they decorated or piece of furniture they transformed should refrain from hitting publish until they have formal training in such topics. Although, isn’t that what draws us to certain bloggers in the first place? The fact that they are real people trying to do things that we’d like to try, all while sharing their experiences about the process. It makes us feel like we can accomplish similar tasks, without first getting all crazy and going out to get formal training. I’m willing to bet that Martha does not share my affinity with Pinterest.

I say all this to tell you that when I first saw Martha’s interview, I didn’t even care enough to come up with some witty commentary.  And then there I was this past Sunday afternoon, on a very rare occurrence where I was alone in my house for several hours. The boys were out hunting and my Dad had picked up the girls. As is the norm for me in times like these, my thoughts immediately went to any pending DIY projects I might have in the queue.

I had found this small mirror in my late grandmother’s house. It was left behind after everyone had come and picked out their heirlooms.  I think the frame is plastic. It is seriously nothing special, but I saw some potential.


Dude. I can’t even remember to take a ‘before’ photo. LAME.

All I wanted to do was shabby it up a bit with some white paint so it didn’t look so dark. Rather than go the crafter-approved route and grab a paint brush and then wipe off any areas I wanted to show through, I grabbed a paper towel instead. Which is precisely the point where I thought, Martha so would not approve of this.


Do not try this at home.

…and the verdict is: I probably should have pulled out a paint brush. It’s not spectacular, but it does its job I suppose.

The beauty is that while I have NO notable crafting skills whatsoever, I still haven’t quit trying. My desires to rearrange, redecorate and redo might drive my husband crazy, but I feel my best when I’m ‘creating’ (let’s use that term loosely) especially without spending any money. Fortunately for me, I doubt Martha will be stopping by any time soon.