We often joke that we don’t take a vacation that doesn’t involve work, even if it is cow work. We visit family in Modoc County or Sierra Valley, both beautiful places that we love to frequent, but it usually involves branding calves, hauling bulls or feeding cows. And we’re good with that. It is nice though to be able to take a quick break from our world.

At the beginning of June we did get the chance to visit Lake Tahoe with my parents. As a child, this was where we always took our Summer vacations as a family, so I was full of nostalgia. I was so happy to share some of the same experiences with my kids that I had as a child on the Tahoe shore.

Upon arrival, we started off with a friendly round of miniature golf.




My mom and dad took the girls swimming before breakfast in the mornings. It was lovely. Ponch and I were even able to escape for a quick kayak expedition.

Laney thoroughly enjoyed covering herself in sand from head to toe every chance she got.




Apparently this was Kinley’s first ice cream in a cone (according to her). She didn’t realize she could eat the cone. It was very exciting!


And everyone is tuckered out. That’s how you know you had a good vacation.