Dear Laney,

At this time, two years ago, I was in the midst of the toughest labor I could imagine. Since your sister nearly flew out, I was sure you’d do the same, but you had other plans my dear. You must have been pretty comfy in there because you certainly did not want out when it was time. You finally did, at your own speed and not the way I had exactly planned, but I’ve come to find out that some of the best things in life don’t happen the way we plan.

Your birth and the days that followed were a whirlwind. Grandma Grace went into the hospital after getting to meet you just once at one day old. Uncle Joe and Aunt Annie got married at your one week mark and we traveled to Sierraville to stay in a quaint little cabin and join the festivities. Grandma Grace went to heaven the following week and we had a funeral in Loma Rica and then drove five hours for the memorial service in Adin. By week three, you were very well traveled. We didn’t mention this to your pediatrician, who probably would not have approved. We were so glad that Grandma Grace was able to meet you once and hold you. She would have loved to watch you and your sister grow up.

You are are such a kind, sweet and funny little girl. You wake up in the morning with a smile, give us all kisses and then demand to watch your “cowboy movie.” I love it when you tease your dad and I with a good game of peek a boo and when you peak down from the stairway and say “I see you”. Every now and then you’re a little rough with your friends at daycare, but sometimes Sissy is a little rough with you. It’s something we’re working on. Even though you get a little fiesty, you still amaze me with your kindness and loving spirit. You already know how to share and you do so even when Sissy is testing your patience.

I love to watch you conquer new challenges. I was shocked to learn that you knew how to ride a tricycle like a pro and now you can even ride your scooter. Miss Teri has even informed me that you like to pedal your trike while pulling the other kids behind you. We’re not sure how those little legs have that much power!

We are so excited to watch you grow. We’d like you to stay little forever, but since that can’t happen we hope that you are always just as loving (and as tough) as you are right now. Kindness and toughness can take you a long way and help you to accomplish anything you set out to do. Whoever you grow to be, I know you’ll be amazing!

Happy Birthday and we love you Lou Lou.