We helped my Dad sort cows and brand calves all Memorial Day weekend. To be honest J helped my Dad all weekend. Because by the time I get both girls up, fed, dressed, packed up and make it out the door with my own boots on, I’ve usually missed a big part of the work. I swear I don’t do this on purpose. I must say though that life is getting a little easier. We no longer have to pack baby gear and once we arrive, the girls can usually keep themselves occupied on the other side of the fence while the rest of us work in the branding pen.


This is a big victory since up until now, they’ve needed one person giving them their undivided attention during the entire cow working experience. Bittersweet as this also means that there are no more human babies on the ranch.

Laney even did her part to help out.


I have to apologize for the blury photo, but it’s the only one I was able to capture of the action. We brand calves for necesary herd identification purposes.  I’d be happy to answer any questions about this process.


Kinley only climbed on the gate once. She does love her Poppy.


And my little ragamuffin only fell out of this chair once.  All in all, I’d chalk that up to a good day.


More to come on the processing of the Crown Dot cows. That’s just how we roll when we have 3-day weekends at this joint.