Sunday J and I boarded a plane for Louisville. He had a work conference and I tagged along, which I haven’t done since before we were married. Our 5th wedding anniversary is approaching, and while we had been brainstorming fun things to do to celebrate, this quick trip ended up as one of our few options. J was to be gone Sunday through Thursday, but I decided I’d better get back to the kids by Tuesday.

We arranged for the girls to stay with my parents Sunday night and with J’s parents on Monday night. Kinley loves having sleepovers with both grandparents, so it was no big deal for her. Laney has only had a sleepover on one other night, and since her sleep habits have been less than desirable lately, I did worry about her. Laney was already awake, when we left the house at 6:00 am, so I was able to tell her goodbye. My mom stayed with the girls at our house until they both woke up, so J and I snuck in and kissed Kinley goodbye, careful not to wake her. That kid is a bear if you wake her out of a good sleep.

20130522-232558k.jpg It was a fabulous time, complete with a dinner by ourselves, a visit to Churchill Downs and a full nine hours of sleep. While J was in meetings Monday, I walked through two different downtown Louisville neighborhoods, exploring museums, shops and architecture. I loved it. Sometimes I love to explore new places by myself. I’m weird like that. And for all I cared, I could have spent two days in the Nevada desert as long as I was able to sleep in. But J and I did get some much needed quality time, which was the perfect start to year #6.



J’s parents and the girls picked me up from the airport and we were all so excited to see eachother. Kinley looked me square in the eyes and made me promise that I would not forget her the next time I went to “Bentucky.” How could I say no to that?

At least we know she can hitch a ride on my suitcase if she needs to

At least we know she can hitch a ride on my suitcase if she needs to

In other news, both girls slept all night, both nights with thier grandparents. I was certain that they would be up at least once, like they do at home, but apparently they just like to save that kind of quality time for their father and I.